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At Publish Research any information that authors think is worth publishing, be that in the form of an article, dissertation or a tutorial, can be published.

Unlike other publishers, documents submitted to Publish Research do not undergo a process of peer reviewing. Although we recognise the benefits of peer reviewing, we believe that readers should be the ones who ultimately judge the value of what they read.

Readers therefore have the opportunity to comment and rate any published documents on this site.

Reading and submitting material is absolutely free. So wait no longer. If you are the copyright holder of a piece of work that you have written, are considering online publishing as a tool to publish your work, then you can submit it to Publish Research and share your knowledge with others.

Online publishing couldn't be easier, just follow the simple steps below:


  1. Save your document in PDF format. click here to download a FREE pdf converter
  2. Sign Up to PublishResearch.com
  3. Log-in and Publish